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Membrane offers cross chain netting, clearing, and synchronized settlement to simplify and de-risk your crypto trading and lending.



Cross-custodian Clearing

Cross-custodian Clearing

Clients can transact with any other Membrane user, regardless of custodian or execution venue.

Trades, loans, margin calls, and interest payments all move seamlessly.

Cross-custodian Clearing

Efficient Netting

Fast, efficient netting is performed in real time. Our system monitors and reports credit in real time.

The Membrane sub-atomic netting engine reduces the
number of transfers by 99% + compared to standard OTC.

Cross-custodian Clearing

Settlement Security

Membrane eliminates Herstatt risk from the equation. Our patent pending, non-custodial system ensures that no funds move from their wallets without their counter transfer.

We value your privacy & custody at Membrane. Your
private keys always stay in your or your custodian’s possession.

Cross-custodian Clearing

Trading & Lending Flexibility

External execution methods are supported via the Membrane API.

Membrane supports both credit and balance modes for
platform use. Trade or lend BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ERC20s, and USD with more on the way.

Problems in Market



Lack of standardization in pricing and interest rates makes price discovery and sharing rates a significant challenge.


Settlement Operations

Clearing and settling executed trades/loans generally requires coordination over calls or chats, sharing addresses and performing test transactions. This process is inefficient and prone to error.


Timing and Counterparty Risk

Someone needs to send first, and blockchains settle at different rates, resulting in counterparty risk. Honest and malicious errors are far too common.


Membrane Solutions



Membrane provides pricing and lending rate transparency via UI and API.


Settlement Operations

Membrane makes clearing and settling executed trades/loans safe and easy. Send and receive trades/loans, propose alternate terms, and push to chain all in one place.


Timing and Counterparty Risk

Membrane mitigates counterparty risk by waiting to send executed transactions to chain until both sides have approved.


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